Friday, September 19, 2014

A Life All Its Own

While we still travel together, spend time together, and have a boatload of shared memories, The Call to Everyone has grown up, and has a life all its own.  I know that I have Carla Rae Johnson to thank for this, she is the energy behind it's movements.  We joined together to become "Artists in the Archives" along with Barbara Page, whose talent and curiosity, I am luck enough to have been inspired by.  The combined show has been all over together.  Peekskill, Ithaca, Rochester, and now Asheville North Carolina, and then New York City College.  The seamlessness of our efforts is what makes this project pure joy.  We have each taken turns to move it from place to place, sometimes together, and sometimes on our own.  But as we move it, we are sending it along on a path all its own.  I have so much gratitude for these women, getting to know them through our work has only added to the joy of the work.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Open Studios Update

The Call to Everyone @ City Wide Open Studios

As the body of work for The Call to Everyone continues to grow, I am forever grateful to all of you for your participation in this project.  The three main points that I keep referring back to are: 
1. Carry it with you (and you do now.  With cell phones you don't have to build a new habit.).  
2.  Spend time throughout your day seeing (how many times have you wished you had your camera on you?).   
3.  Get it out of the box (now that the photo's been taken, share it).

We are often stressed, often over-scheduled, often hard on ourselves. This project is intended to give you a distraction; a pause in your day that reminds you that there is beauty all around you. As we have worked together on this project, I hope that you see it as something I am giving to you, just as you are giving to me. Thank you. It has been an amazing experience.